The Outreach Committee shall have responsibility for making the presbytery aware of opportunities for mission within the presbytery and throughout the world, and shall encourage and support ministries of mission outreach within each of presbytery’s congregations.  It shall serve as presbytery’s principal voice and advocate in addressing issues of justice, mercy, and mission.

The membership of the Committee shall be 12 persons.  The Outreach Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 at the Presbytery Office.

Class of 2015
Tom Bayersdorfer (RE), Trinity, Nashville
Kathy Corlew (RE), First, Murfreesboro (CHAIR)
Todd Jenkins (TE), First, Fayetteville
Linda Stevens (RE), First, Murfreesboro

Class of 2016
Sonva Bohannon, Downtown, Nashville
Fred Kirchner (RE), Second Presbyterian, Nashville
Tara Lentz (RE), Second Presbyterian, Nashville
Sally Slayden-Berry (RE), Bellevue, Nashville

Class of 2017
Ora Bransford (RE), St. Andrews, Nashville
Kyle Gott (TE), First, Gallatin
Roger Marriott (RE), Hillsboro, Nashville
Rick Robinson (RE), Westminster, Columbia



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