Five free tools for church development

CDC is committed to providing resources that support and encourage congregational development.

1.      Congregational Assessment – an internal congregational study on any or all of the following:   Trends, Facility usage, Finances, A visitor’s perspective (including websites).  This process assists a congregation in identifying passion, resources, and strengths. Click here for details.

2.      Starting New Initiatives: A Discernment Process is a new, innovative discernment tool developed by General Assembly.  This free downloadable tool motivates and trains church members to learn more about their community and opportunities for mission and ministry. Download here.

3.      MissionInsite is a web-based demographic resource that helps congregations also discover new opportunities of ministry and mission. This dynamic resource is available online to every church. Click here for registration.

Please contact either John Hilley or Phil Martin, Co-Chairs of the Congregational Development Mission Unit, for more information.


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