Committee on Ministry responsibilities

On behalf of the Presbytery, the Committee on Ministry serves as pastor, counselor, and adviser to teaching elders and ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service, certified Christian educators of the presbytery; to facilitate the relations between the presbytery and its congregations, teaching elders, ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service, and Certified Christian Educators; and to settle difficulties on behalf of presbytery when possible and expedient (G-3.0307).

The membership of the Committee on Ministry shall be 24 persons – 12 Ruling Elders and 12 Teaching Elders. Committee on Ministry members shall exercise appropriate confidentiality in the Committee’s work.

The Committee on Ministry may use Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders not among its members for service in particular capacities.

The Committee on Ministry is granted authority by the Presbytery to act on the following on its behalf:

  • Review and approve terms of call for Teaching Elders (G-2.0804).
  • Dissolve pastoral relations (G-2.0901) when the Teaching Elder and congregation concur.
  • Dismiss Teaching Elders to other presbyteries.
  • Establish and abolish pastoral positions when requested by sessions (G-2.0504a).
  • Approve and review temporary pastoral relationships, including Interims (G-2.0504b).
  • Grant requests from Teaching Elders for release from exercise of ordered ministry (G-2.0507) with the reasons for such release recorded in the minutes of the Presbytery.
  • Commission, review, and renew commissions of Ruling Elders (G-2.1001).
  • Perform the initial in-depth examination of Teaching Elders seeking membership in the Presbytery (G-3.0306).
  • Inquire into difficulties within congregations and recommend appointment of administrative commissions to settle difficulties. (G-2.0904).
  • Call meetings of sessions (G-3.0203).
  • Grant status of Honorable Retirement to Teaching Elders (G-2.0203c).
  • Approve calls of Teaching Elders moving within the Presbytery.
  • Approve moderators of sessions for churches without an installed pastor (G-1.0504).
  • Designate persons to moderate session and congregational meetings when requested to do so by moderator of record (G-3.0104)

The Committee on Ministry’s examination of Teaching Elders seeking membership in this Presbytery shall not take the place of an examination of such Teaching Elders by Presbytery as a whole.

All actions of the Committee on Ministry shall be reported at the next stated meeting of the Presbytery. All authority granted by presbytery to the Committee on Ministry must be supported by unanimous vote of the Committee on Ministry. In the absence of unanimous vote, the action must come to the floor of the Presbytery.

The work of the Committee on Ministry will ordinarily be done by teams that it shall from time to time find useful to create. However, any authority delegated to the Committee on Ministry by the Presbytery must be acted upon by the entire Committee and may not be delegated to a team, except in the case of a candidate who would come first before the Presbytery prior to coming onto the field.

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