Committee on Leadership Excellence

As a learning community, the presbytery, at its stated meetings, and at other times throughout the year, will offer opportunities for persons in ordered ministry and other church members to grow in their respective capacities as preachers, teachers, shepherds, and stewards of the gifts that God has entrusted to their care. The Committee on Leadership Excellence seeks to encourage, train, and equip teaching and ruling elders. This work may include: Leadership Excellence Training; Celebration of the Resurrection; College of Preachers; Excellence in Officer Education; and Fellowship of the Ordained. The Executive Presbyter and the Stated Clerk shall serve as support to the Committee on Leadership Excellence.

Chair: Aaron Stauffer

Class of 2021
Laura Cheifetz (TE), Vanderbilt Divinity School
Aaron Stauffer (RE), Second, Nashville 

Class of 2022
Jonathan Angel (TE), First, Allardt
Mary Martin (RE), First, Murfreesboro

Class of 2023
Shane Smith (TE), Hillsboro, Nashville
Mary Moody (RE), Second, Nashville

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