Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee assists churches of the presbytery in providing education opportunities and resources for faith development and growth in the Reformed tradition.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting the presbytery’s churches with their Christian education needs and identifying teaching resources;
  2. Maintaining a list of professional and lay Christian educators working in the presbytery;
  3. Assist the presbytery in developing educational opportunities for leadership development, such as the annual Learning Enrichment and Development (LEAD) conference;
  4. Working with the Presbyterian Youth Connection sub-committee in developing youth leaders and identifying presbytery resources to assist youth ministries in the local church and presbytery sponsored events;
  5. Serving as the presbytery’s liaison with the NaCoMe Camp and Conference Center for youth and family program development, promotion and presbytery financial support;
  6. Developing and maintaining Christian Education resource links on the presbytery’s website.

Moderator: Rosanna Anderson

Class of 2015
Betsy Ames (RE), Bellevue, Nashville
C.J. Thompson (TE), First, Manchester
Jim White (RE), Donelson, Nashville
Patricia Wright (RE), St. Andrews, Nashville

Class of 2016
Rosanna Anderson (TE),  First, Nashville
Blake Hawthorne (TE), Emmanuel, Nashville
Suzie Lane (RE), Westminster, Nashville
Amy Sterling (RE), Downtown, Nashville

Class of 2017
Jean McMahon (RE), Westminster, Columbia
Ernest Newsom (TE), HR
Darlene Whorton (RE), First, Smyrna



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