Coordinating Committee responsibilities

The authority of the presbytery Coordinating Committee derives directly from the presbytery. Its purpose is to coordinate all mission programs and projects according to presbytery’s mission priorities and goals; to assure that presbytery policies and actions are fully implemented; to design, implement and provide staffing for long-range planning and to lead the presbytery in an annual process of setting mission goals; to establish evaluation processes to measure the ministry of presbytery’s committees; to oversee the work of the committees, to see that their work is in accord with the mission goals of presbytery; to regularly review the Mission Statement and recommend revisions as needed; and, to coordinate Synod, General Assembly, and ecumenical concerns for which the presbytery is responsible. The Coordinating Committee also provides for the maintenance, annual review, and distribution of the mission structure as set forth in the Mission Handbook, as well as the policies and guidelines of specific Committees.

The Coordinating Committee serves as presbytery’s principal visioning, strategic planning, and coordinating body in carrying out the mission priorities of presbytery. As such, the Coordinating Committee is charged with looking constantly at the structure of presbytery, asking such questions as What do we keep? What do we let go? What do we modify? What do we create?

The Coordinating Committee shall maintain a calendar of Stated Meetings of the presbytery and other events carried out by presbytery’s committees.

The Coordinating Committee shall plan and implement all presbytery meetings, in coordination with the Stated Clerk, including worship, times of fellowship, and special educational opportunities for commissioners. Meetings of presbytery should be inspirational, educational, and deliberative, filled with occasions of prayer and singing. Routine business shall be transacted as expeditiously as possible, without at the same time shortchanging the proper deliberative functions of presbytery.

The Coordinating Committee’s worship committee shall plan worship services for presbytery meetings, including the choice of worship leaders. The Moderator-in-Nomination will serve as the liaison to the worship committee. The Coordinating Committee shall review and/or revise worship guidelines as necessary.

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for recommending a balanced annual Mission Budget for presbytery approval prepared with the assistance of the Administration and Finance Committee.

The Coordinating Committee shall nominate four persons annually for election by the presbytery to serve on presbytery’s Nominations and Representation Committee, and shall nominate one person from the Nominations and Representation Committee to serve as that Committee’s chair.

The Coordinating Committee shall be responsible for dealing with any items which require the attention of presbytery but that do not fit otherwise into the structure of the Mission Handbook, making recommendations for their disposition as each may require.

The Coordinating Committee shall consist of nine members as follows: three members, one drawn from a large church (over 500 members), one from a mid-size church (between 150-500 members), and one from a small church (under 150 members); three at-large members, with particular attention given to geographic representation; presbytery’s Moderator; Moderator-in-Nomination; and immediate past Moderator. Ruling Elders serving as members of the Coordinating Committee shall have the privilege of voice and vote on the floor of presbytery during their term of service.

Members of the Coordinating Committee shall chair no other committees in the presbytery nor serve on more than one other committee. The Coordinating Committee will submit a nominee for Chair from its membership to the Nominations and Representation Committee for election by presbytery.

The Stated Clerk, Treasurer, and Executive Presbyter of the presbytery shall serve as support to the Coordinating Committee.

The Coordinating Committee will meet monthly to oversee the life and work of the presbytery, to direct and coordinate presbytery’s mission priorities and ministries, and to oversee the planning of presbytery meetings, in coordination with the Stated Clerk.

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