REGISTER NOW! “Mary Teaches Us How to Preach” – October 30, 2017

On October 30, 2017, PMT’s Committee on Leadership Excellence, College of Preachers, will sponsor a seminar entitled “Mary Teaches Us How To Preach” with guest speaker Dr. William J. Carl III.  See information below.

College of Preachers
“Mary Teaches Us How To Preach”
by William J. Carl III
October 30, 2017 (9:30-2:00)
Lunch will be $10.00 (Please make checks payable to Presbytery of Middle Tennessee)
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER – Deadline to register is Tuesday, October 24, 2017

In this seminar, Dr. Carl will show us how Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the model for preaching in the 21st century in three specific areas: Creativity, Structure and Delivery, and how each of these areas is reflected in churches worldwide that are alive, active and growing in our time. The morning session will explore the creative process, the planning process, how best to organize sermons for the 21st century mind, and how to get in touch with our models in preaching. In the afternoon, we will look at preaching both Evangelism and Social Justice ministry as two sides of the same coin in our outreach to the world, as well as a brain technique for preaching that Dr. Carl has developed from his research in neuroscience, which creates a virtual teleprompter in the pulpit so you can leave your sermon in the office and preach entirely without notes!

William J. Carl III has been Senior Pastor of Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL since the summer of 2015. Before that he was President of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary for 10 years, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas for 22 years, and Professor of Homiletics, Worship and New Testament Greek at Union Seminary in Virginia for 7 years.

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