PDA Response to Massive Flooding



PDA is responding to the Massive Flooding (from the PDA website)

The fund account to help with flooding is DR000191 which supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing offering and enables members and congregations to support the PC(USA) response to episodes of flooding within the United States. Funds into this account will help communities overall relief and recovery efforts associated with flooding to include assessments, clean-up efforts, and rebuilding. Your prayers and faithful giving are deeply appreciated.

Numerous states have been affected by flooding this year due to the melting from heavy snow fall and a higher than average amount of rainfall. More than 150 locations in the central and southern Plains are currently reporting river flooding, the majority of which are in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, eastern Kansas and western Missouri.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has been in continual contact with mid-councils that have been experiencing storms and flooding, and has responded to the most affected ones with One Great Hour of Sharing funds and the presence of National Response Team (NRT) members.




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