Food for Thought Newsletters

Food for Thought is the newsletter of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee Hunger Program.
The links below are to issues available to download and print as PDFs.  Please feel free to post them in your churches.

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Facts About Hunger:

  • More than 800 million people in the world are chronically undernourished (1 in 7)
  • In developing countries one child in 10 dies before his or her fifth birthday
  • Six million children die each year from malnutrition and hunger related causes – that’s over 16,000 a day
  • In the U.S. 13 million children live in households where there is not enough to eat
  • One in ten households in the U.S. is living with hunger or at rink of hunger
  • The wealthiest fifth of the world’s people consume an astonishing 86% of all goods and services, while the poorest fifth consumes 1%
  • 32% of the population in the developing world lives on less than $1 per day
  • 21 million people turned to America’s Second Harvest foodbanks in 1997-40% were from working families
  • In nearly 25% of all rural counties, 1 in 5 people has been living below the poverty level for at least four decades
  • About 2.5% of the federal budget is spent on food assistance

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