2013 Trip to the Peten

The Presbytery of Middle Tennessee continues Guatemalan partnership
February 9-16, 2013

The Presbytery of Middle Tennessee’s partnership with Guatemala is changing lives every day both in Guatemala and Tennessee.

A group of devotees has dedicated time and resources to work alongside the leadership in the Presbyterio Q’eqchi Petén of Guatemala and empower them to become disciples of Christ

When traveling to the Central American country, it can be easy to see how the faces of the people mimic the deep craters and worn soil of this impoverished nation. Mayan descendants still walk the land, and work the unforgiving earth.

Despite the wide-ranging poverty, Guatemala’s residents still laugh and smile and give a hearty “thank you,” following a brief photo session.

Kids play soccer in bare feet narrowly escaping rolled ankles with each step.

The little ones’ faces light up at the sight of North Americans arriving in the villages. They have come to learn the North Americans bring with them joy and treats – in the form of hugs… and bubbles.

Bubbles were a popular attraction on a recent visit by members of a PMT team. Anxious youngsters tore down sticks to create instant bubble bursting apparatuses. Many stuck with popping bubbles with their hands, but there are always those few bubbles that get caught in the wind. Luckily the handy made sticks eradicated those soapy suckers.

The elders of the village usually sit back and enjoy the view of the North Americans playing with the kids.

We experience spirit-filled worship with keyboards, guitars, maracas and drums, lots if singing and lots of kids….along with plentiful good-tasting, home cooked meals as mandatory elements in their extension of hospitality.

However, it is not always fun and games. There is work to be done.

A strong group of leaders step up. It is all part of a partnership between the two groups – the Presbyterio Q’eqchi Petén and the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee.

Whether it is helping with the construction of a manse, or coming up with ways to improve the lives of our brothers and sisters in Guatemala, both sides agree that through Christ anything is possible.

In such a war torn, impoverished nation where it can seem that hope may wane, the partnership has helped to create optimism for the people on both sides.

This summer, another group from the PMT partnership will be traveling to the Petén region to build a badly needed manse in the remote village of Chinital. For more information on this trip, contact David Carlton.

posted 10 May 2013


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