Covenant of Partnership

Presbytery of the Peten (IENPG) and the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee (PCUSA)

By God’s mercy, the churches of the Presbytery of the Peten and the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee have come together to praise and serve as members of the same body of Christ. As the Apostle Paul says, “For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.” (Corinthians 21:12) We are forming a covenant to build the reign of God and to create relationships between the churches of our presbyteries, according to the agreements of our covenant.  Affirming our mutual faith in Jesus Christ, we seek to share the experiences, problems and thanksgivings of our churches and communities, and to combine our gifts to help the world be more just and united.


In our partnership, both presbyteries agree to do the following:

1.       Prayer. We commit to pray for the wellbeing of the people, the churches, and the communities of each presbytery.

2.      Communication. We will send and receive frequent communication about the life of the churches and the communities of our presbyteries, including the different aspects of our covenant and our prayer petitions. Each presbytery will designate a contact person to facilitate our communication.

3.      Project Requests. Any specific requests for help will be approved by each presbytery or by a committee designated by each presbytery to consider such requests.

4.      Fiscal Responsibility. We will be open and transparent with respect to exchanges of money and materials.

For its part, the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee agrees to attempt to do the following:

1.       Church Development.  Support the strengthening and growth of Presbyterian Churches in the Peten.

2.      Theological Training. Explore ways to help prepare women and men for leadership through seminars in the Peten and scholarships for studies outside the Peten.

3.      Community Projects. Study the possibility of undertaking, with the Presbytery of the Peten, educational and work projects that benefit adults, youth and children in its communities. Such projects might include Christian education, literacy, accounting, land stewardship, and access to clean water and health care.

4.      Visit to Tennessee.  In so far as it seems possible, arrange for a visit(s) by representatives of the Presbytery of the Peten or the IENPG to the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee.

For its part, the Presbytery of the Peten agrees to do the following:

1.       Cultural Exchange. Provide the context for cultural exchange, and share the beauty of its country, its people and it customs.

2.      Hospitality. Prepare for visits by members of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, and offer hospitality and opportunities amongst its churches for developing our fellowship.

3.      Worship. Arrange for experiences of shared worship in the communities of the Peten.

4.      Accountability. Verify with reports, photographs, receipts, and site visits that funds given to the Presbytery of the Peten are used for the agreed-upon purposes.



This partnership Covenant will last three years, beginning August 1, 2007. At the end of three years, we will assess together the future direction of our partnership.

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