2010 Education Survey

Ages who attended:  5 or 6 year olds to 14 year olds.
Levels 1-6 taught in all villages.
Language: taught in both Spanish and Kek Che (except in Nuevo Canaan and San Juan Acul where used Spanish only.)


Sexan –

  • Education: women want to study more – some have only a 2nd  or 3rd grade level of education.
    The health promoter (who translated for us) wants “his woman” to study medicine.
    We did not get a response translated from the women.
    They hope their children can get a professional degree – for exampleto teach, but they must leave the village to obtain this and it is expensive.
    If there is not enough for all chidren to get educated, the boys get the opportunity.
    Two have recently left the village for middle school.
  • Family Planning:  they sometimes use family planning after 4 or 5 children, but some think each child is a gift from God.
  • Agriculture:  They would like melon seeds to plant to feed their children – they don’t get enough fruit.

Chinatal –

  • Education:  the women would like their children to get an education in order to have a better life – “we don’t want them to suffer as we have.”
    Some  women don’t want their children to go too far to school.  It  would be better if they could attend in the village because “bad things can happen in the cities, especially with the girls.”

Neuvo Canaaan –

  • Education:  all children go to school to better themselves.
    Tthey find jobs in La Libertad or go to US for good jobs.
    Some come back to teach in the village.
    The middle school is 2 km away, 23 students attend.
    Uniforms for middle school are expensive.
    They get high school education in La Libertad.
    “For us poor folks – our only hope is that our children can be educated. “

Villa Nuevo

  • Gonzales’ wife was there, but she did not say much; she was the only representative from this village.

Juleque –

  • Education:  they are poor, but they want their children to study and they want to study.
    “Our eyes are open but we cannot read.”
    They would like to learn.
    They don’t have high school near; they can’t afford to send their children away to school.
    It is very unusual if a child gets to attend high school.
    They want their children to move forward.�
    They can’t give anything to their children because they did not receive an education.
    One woman in the group had her oldest child study in Santa Elena, but there were no jobs so he went to the US to search for a job. He is not teaching, like he want to, but he is working to send money for his brother and sister to attend school.

Zapatol II

  • Education:  children can study high school here in the village.
    They leave  the village to look for work.
    There are no teachers for adults – no Conalpha.

San Juan Acul – 

  • Education:  the goal is to leave the village and get a job.
    They hope their children can continue to study and don’t have to suffer like they have.
    Many have left for higher education.
    Some of the girls stay in the village and get married.
    “We are very sad: it has been over a year and the money we gave (50 Q) to Chepe’s friend’s program has not responded – we have not received any money. We were told we would receive money. We really want our children to get educated.”
    Some of them were taught to speak Spanish, and to read.
    They went to classes a lot at first, but then had to drop off because of taking care of children and work in the house.�
    They would like a home making project – they would like to make clothes.
    Some times they sell things for money, but their husbands earn most of the money.


          Sexan: they have a well, 5 minutes away. They go 10 times a day.
In the summer (4 months a year) they don’t have enough water.  There are 2 other wells close by that don’t dry up.

          Chinatal : they often have water in their homes – from the spigot, but if not the well is the source.  They would love large places to store water.

          San Juan Acul – they use the river for water.  They take clothes to the river to wash.  The pump for the river water is broken.  The water tank is for the community.  It cost 30 Q per month for water from the tank.

          Juleque – they have a water tank, but it is not working.  They collect rain water.

          Zap II – the well is broken; no water.  They go early to collect.  Some have spigots but they don’t always get water.


                                Sexan              Chinatal        Nuevo            Valle          Juleque       Zap II         San Juan                                                                              Canaan           Nuevo                                                  Acul
Teacher live in village? Cost per yr per child – for supplies and clothing
Number of students                   Adult  ed? 



2 teachers        1 lives there  700-1000 Q53-65 

Adult literacy  available


Cost of supplies

2 men         1 women  teachers live in Sayx 500 Q77, plus 7 in middle school nearNo 



Cost of middle school

3 teachers    all live elsewhere 700 Q120-150Not for women – but we would like to learn agriculture

Uniform expense in middle school

3 teachersLive elsewhereUsed to be 60 Q per mo? Lives elsewhere We are poor, we buy little by little340?No – we would like to learn to read 


7 teachers live elsewhere300 Q for middle school 80  elem 50 middle 


10 teachers  290 Q290 

Spanish and reading, but we want to learn to sew




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