Guatemala-Peten Partnership

The Guatemala-Peten task force meets at the Presbytery Office on the fourth Monday each month at 6:30 p.m.  Contact Barb Hall to become involved in this ministry.


pigsThe Presbytery of Middle Tennessee and the Presbytery of the Q’quechi Peten (Guatemala) Presbyterian Women and Presbyterial Women Pig Project
 The 11 year covenant partnership between the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee (PMT) and the Presbytery of Q’quechi Peten (PQP) took an important step in 2014 with the inclusion of the Guatemalan women in active planning for their churches.  The women of PQP have crafted a Pig Project to support their churches and presbytery.  the women are in need of “seed money” to get this project off the ground.

Click here to read more and to learn how you can be involved in this project.
 To read more about the story of the pigs, click here.

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