Committee on Mutual Support

The Presbytery seeks to encourage collaboration and community among its member congregations through the Committee on Mutual Support. The Committee on Mutual Support shall seek opportunities for the presbytery to learn and work together in mission and ministry. Such work may include (but is not limited to) annual neighborhood meetings, campus ministries, Guatemalan Partnership, technology “think tank”, and hunger action programs. The Executive Presbyter shall serve as support to the Committee on Mutual Support.

Committee on Mutual Support (CMS)
Chair: Steve Thomas III

Class of 2018
Kathy Corlew (RE), First, Murfreesboro
Guatemala Task Force
Steve Thomas III (TE), HR

Class of 2019
Beth McCaw (TE), Southminster, Nashville
Campus Ministries
Leonard Jordan (CLP), St. Andrews, Nashville
Technology “Think Tank”

Class of 2020
Jeff Kane
(TE), Westminster, Columbia
Neighborhood Meetings
Hunger Action Task Force


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