Committee on Ministry

Class of 2009
Wesley Henry*
Virginia Lovellette
Hank Miles
Aline Patte
K.C. Ptomey*
Riq Rouquie,* moderator
Pete Ullmann*
Dianne Wood

Class of 2010
Elizabeth Forney*
Debra Gentry
Chris Joiner*
Dan McRight*
Ann Roberts

Class of 2011
Wanda Barr
Doris Farley
Jim Kitchens*
Tom Lovell*
Carson Salyer*
John Todd*

Committee on Ministry meeting schedule for 2009
meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 at Hillwood Presbyterian Church
13 January
10 February
10 March
14 April   

12 May
9 June
14 July
11 August     8 September
10 November
8 December

The Committee on Ministry Support Unit exists as fulfillment of the Book of Order G-11.0500: “Each presbytery elects a committee on ministry to serve as pastor and counselor to the ministers of the presbytery, to facilitate the relations between congregations, ministers, and the presbytery, and to settle difficulties on behalf of presbytery when possible and expedient.”

Therefore, the Committee on Ministry’s primary mode of being in relationship – after the model of Jesus Christ – takes the forms of pastor, counselor, facilitator, and companion in the journey of faith and ministry. The Committee on Ministry supports and oversees all ministers of the Word and Sacrament, Certified Christian Educators, Commissioned Lay Pastors, non-ordained temporary supplies, Sessions, and congregations. The Chair of the Committee on Ministry, or a representative designated by the Unit, serves on the Coordinating Council and shall exercise appropriate confidentiality in all the Unit’s work.

The responsibilities of the Unit include the fulfillment of all the duties assigned in Book of Order through the service of the Companion (from the Old French and Latin, com panis, or “bread with”) in ministry and specialty teams. The COM has the authority to dismiss ministers to other presbyteries.

A. Companion in ministry – Each Committee on Ministry member becomes a
Companion in ministry to pastors, Sessions, and congregations.

B. Specialty teams – The Committee on Ministry specialty teams equips and
supplements the Companions in their work with individual Sessions
congregations, and pastors, as needed. These teams strive for elder and
clergyparticipation, and add adjunct team members from outside the
Committee onMinistry as their expertise is called for, or as on-going
members. Each Committee on Ministry member serves on one team, in
addition to being a Companion. One member of the team shall serve as
team coordinator.

The teams are as follows:
The Examinations Team. . .
Church Standard Transitions Team. . .
Conflict Management Team. . .
Pastoral Care Team. . .
Administrative Team. . .

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