Christian Education and Nurture

Class of 2009
Mary Langford, moderator
Mike Magee*
DeDe Shaw Buchanan
Karen Stevens
C.J. Thompson*

Class of 2010
Emily Dresch
Claire Harris
Lee Limbird
Kate Moore
Don Piggins

Class of 2011
David Carlton
Greg Lessley
Stacy Rector*

OMU Meeting Schedule for 2009
meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

20 January

17 February
17 March
21 April
19 May
16 June
21 July
18 August
15 September
20 October
17 November
15 December
– Second Presbyterian Church

2009 OMU Application for funding form: click here.

2008 Peacemaking Offering
Click here for a letter to churches and for a listing of Peacemaking Ministries in Middle Tennessee.

What would you do if someone you loved was murdered?  For more information from the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing (TSASK), click here.

The Outreach Mission Unit is responsible for making the presbytery aware of opportunities for mission within the presbytery and throughout the world, and encourages and supports ministries of mission outreach within each of presbytery’s congregations. It serves as presbytery’s principal “voice” and advocate in addressing issues of justice, mercy, and mission.

The responsibilities of the Unit include:
o Developing and promoting outreach ministries within the bounds of the presbytery
as set forth in presbytery’s Mission Statement and Program Priorities;
o Aiding congregations in meeting human needs and serving as an advocate
for ministries of justice, mercy, and mission;
o Reviewing the covenant relationships that exist between the Presbytery of
Middle Tennessee and the Monroe Harding Children’s Home and the
Martha O’Bryan Center, and seeking ways to support and promote these
and other ministries that have been endorsed and approved by the Presbytery;
o Developing and overseeing international mission partnerships and promoting
participation in mission exchange programs;
o Planning, developing, and supporting local efforts of ethnic minority mission and
ministry, especially among immigrant and refugee populations;
o Using creativity and imagination in planning and promoting presbytery-wide
programs of mission education for presbytery’s churches;
o Having oversight of and giving support to ministries of higher education;
o Promoting the denomination’s Peacemaking program by encouraging
churches to become Peacemaking congregations; and
o Overseeing and promoting the presbytery’s Hunger Action program.

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