Annual Reports

The Committee on Ministry asks that the 2015 Annual Report form be filled out.  The committee uses these forms to validate your ministry and approve your terms of call.   The Committee on Ministry asks that all teaching elders report annually so we can consult with each of you.

Your report form is our way of being in touch with each of you and each report will be read.  Any special concerns will receive immediate attention from us or will be referred to the proper group within Presbytery.

The following forms can be downloaded and filled out electronically:

2016 Annual Report – TE in a Parish
2016 Annual Report – Supply Relationship
2016 Annual Report – Member-at-Large
2016 Annual Report – HR
2016 Annual Report – Validated Ministry
2016 Report and Request for Renewal of Validation & Housing or Manse Allowance
2016 Terms of Call


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