Administration and Finance

Class of 2009
Bill Barger*
David Cole, moderator
Norris Hoover

Class of 2010
Brian Dixon, treasurer
Mike Ingram
Pat Webb

Class of 2010
Bill Bryant*
Freda Dye
Wes Miller
Administration & Finance Mission Unit meeting schedule for 2009
meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 4:00 at the Prebytery Office

8 January
12 February
12 March
9 April
14 May
11 June
9 July
13 August     10 September
8 October
12 November
10 December at 3:00

The Administration and Finance Mission Unit consists of nine members, one of whom is the Treasurer of presbytery who serves with full voice and vote. The Chair, or a representative designated by the Unit, serves on the Coordinating Council.

The responsibilities of this unit include:

* Managing presbytery funds
* Assisting the Executive Presbyter
* Assisting in managing the budget building process
* Reviewing requests for fund
* Overseeing the disbursement of funds
* Recommending to the Coordinating Council for approval any changes in line item budgets;
* Meeting monthly to review budget status and act on requests for
changes in line items.
* Arranging for an annual opinion Financial Audit and Management Letter from a Certified Public Accountant;
* Training treasurers and church administrators;
* Authorizing signatures on presbytery accounts;
* Serving as Trustees and members of the Board of Directors of the
Corporation: Trustees of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee,
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Incorporated.

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